What You Need to Know About Deep Tissue Massage

When we hear the word massage, our mind goes to relaxation: Soothing music, essential oils and candles. But it is not only that. There are specific types of massage that aim to be a dynamic and effective treatment for pain. One such type is deep tissue massage (massage in deeper tissues).

Reports of deep tissue massage have been around since ancient times. From India and Thailand to Egypt and ancient Greece. This type of massage is specialized and does not use the methods of a regular massage. Here, the therapist uses the fists, the palms, the fingers, and the elbows to be able to unblock the parts of the body that are tense, tight and do not allow the energy to flow properly. The result of a deep tissue massage is to release of the body, pains and chronic inflammations.

People with chronic problems in the waist, back and neck have been relieved with this treatment. It is the basic method used by sports medicine and physical education to restore chronic pain. At first, the treatment may not be pleasant, as the pressure may cause discomfort, but this means that the tension is relieved and the pain will begin to subside.

After the massage, you will feel relaxed, toned and relieved.

Viruses and daily tensions are relieved, as deep tissue massage increases blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, restores heart rate to normal, provides oxygen to the muscles, eliminates toxins from the body and brings, as a result, the elimination of anxiety and stress.

It also improves sleep, exercise and sedentary work. If there is no health problem, two or three times a month is enough to see results. Not indicated for rheumatoid arthritis or acute inflammation. At the SEVENOCEANS treatment center we are at your disposal to solve any question and choose together the appropriate treatment for you!