Oriental Massage

Oriental massage athens greece

60′ 50€ / 90′ 70€ / 120′ 90€

The healing power of the West and the East on your body at the same time

Our Oriental Massage is a miraculous combination! Thai and Swedish massages combine their philosophies and their powers to grand you multiple benefits even from the first session, as one massage complements the other perfectly.

The stretching and the acupressure points on the energy channels of the body from Thai Massage are perfectly amplified by the relaxing effect of the Swedish Massage and the result is a unique unblocking of the energy flow in the body.

A vital key to the effectiveness of this massage, is the constant communication between the therapist and the receiver of the massage, throughout the session. At first, the relaxing movements of the Swedish Massage will cause increased blood flow in the body and then the specialized stretching techniques of the Thai Massage will cause a sweet release and unblocking, which will fill you with a feeling of relaxation and well-being.

Try this unique combination that brings together the East and the West, the relaxing and the strong massage and you will enjoy an unprecedented experience of tranquility.