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Reflexology is one of the most ancient practices of alternative medicine. Its roots are lost through the ages. We should note that there are drawings of people practicing Reflexology from Ancient Greece. Similar ancient Chinese drawings have been discovered that are dated up to 5000 years old.

Reflexology is a holistic therapy, which treats the person as a whole in order to bring balance and harmony between body, mind, and spirit. As a natural healing method, it is based on the existence of special points on the hands, the feet, and the ears. These points are linked by reflex with organs or systems of the body. The therapist with special pressure techniques finds the aching parts and tries to bring balance to them. Because the foot, where Reflexology is mainly applied, contains 7200 nerve endings, these special pressure techniques cause a reflective stimulation to each part of the body separately and as a result, the nervous system is activated. So we understand that the healing comes from the body itself, once the therapist with careful actions releases the energy flow inside the body, from the points where this flow was blocked and the body was aching.

The benefits of Reflexology are many:

– stimulation of the nervous system

– increased energy

– better blood circulation

– relaxation of the body

– excretion of toxins

– prevention of migraines

– cleaning of the urinary system

– faster recovery after a surgery or injury

– relief from sleep disorders

– prevents depression

– relieves from chronic pain

Lastly, Reflexology can bring mind and body in perfect harmony and as a result it causes clarity of thought, strength, well-being and raised awareness.