Lymphatic drainage massage: the benefits for our body and our health

The lymph is after the blood, the most important fluid we have in our body. If our lymphatic system is not working properly, our body can not fight disease or eliminate toxins. That’s why it’s important to keep the lymph moving.

And lymphatic massage helps in this.

Lymphatic drainage massage is a treatment that targets the movement of lymph fluid in the body.

It is a gentle form of massage and is used to stimulate our immune system, nourish the tissues and treat oedema from medications or surgeries as well as from fat accumulation.

Lymphatic massage is applied to people who have problems with intense exercise or injuries (e.g. sprains), to people who need detoxification in combination with lymph mobilization and is ideal for managing stress and boosting the immune system.

In addition to the therapeutic benefits of lymphatic massage, there are even more benefits to this type of treatment:

Helps tighten, reduces relaxation in the body, enhances metabolism and helps with lipolysis, reduces cellulite and wrinkles, tightens and improves skin quality, restores radiance to the face and body, relaxes from fatigue and stress of the day.

In lymphatic massage, it is important which points and how much pressure the therapist will exert. The movements must have the right direction so that the lymph moves towards the right glands. The pressure should be of moderate intensity, if it is too strong it can break the blood vessels while if it is too loose it will not have any result.

The therapist uses his palm and fingers according to the points where he ‘works’.

What can help in a lymphatic massage session?

  • Wear as few clothes as possible to let the therapist ‘work’ without difficulty.
  • Hydrate your body with plenty of water before and after treatment.
  • Plan our session ensuring that at the end you will have time to rest.

Exercise and drinking plenty of water every day helps a lot in keeping our lymphatic system healthy.

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