Seven Oceans Wellness & Spa

Appointment in SEVENOCEANS office

Your first appointment:
Duration:: 60’/ Cost 60 €

  • Medical and pharmaceutical history [you will need to have a recent (semester) blood test with you].
  • Nutritional history.
  • Body composition analysis.
  • Nutritional education.
  • The diet along with educational material will be sent to you electronically within 1 day after each session.

Upcoming appointments
Duration: 40’/ Cost 40€

  • Evaluation and monitoring of progress.
  • Diet plan.
  • Nutritional education and counseling.
  • Mobilization and redefinition of goals.
  • Body composition analysis is performed every 4 weeks.
SevenOceans Wellness & Spa

Online Appointments

Session duration: 40’/ 40€  – Pack of 6 sessions 250€

If your time is limited, you have an increased workload or you live further away from SEVENOCEANS, then online session is ideal for you.

Online session includes:

  • The first session takes place in SEVENOCEANS Healing & Spa. This gives us the opportunity to make an accurate body measurement, discuss about your goals and determine an accurate approach plan.
  • Our next appointments can be held online via applications (whatsapp, skype, messenger, viber).
  • The sessions are properly modified so that they can be done online.
  • The diet plan along with other material will be sent you via email.