Tai Chi & Qigong

Tai Chi & Qigong

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Tai Chi is a Chinese esoteric martial art, which is based on the principles of relaxation and lightness, so much in practicing it as well as in everyday life. Training in Tai Chi can help in developing inner strength and harmony by coordinating the Mind and the Body. From the outside, Tai Chi is art for health and self-defense. From the inside, it is a whole science of the Mind and of inner energy.

People of all ages and all physical conditions can practice Tai Chi. It helps them find a state of calmness and strength in their everyday life. Practicing inner peace helps with emotional matters. Quiet concentration helps with problems of the Mind and practicing relaxation and energy flow can help with problems of the Body. All it takes is a genuine thirst for knowledge, patience, and persistence and you can achieve impressive results.

Qigong is an ancient Chinese form of exercise and therapy. It involves meditation, breath control, and physical exercises. The word “Qi”, is difficult to translate but it can refer to vital energy, information, breathing, and spirit. The word “gong” means development and perfection. As a result, Qigong could be regarded as the development of our vital energy.

Although the two practices share many elements, they are different and separate. Nevertheless, they have strong similarities. Both in Tai Chi as in Qigong, we train, so we can have better control and greater awareness of our life force, our energy.

Qigong is a personal exercise of the Body and of the Mind, just like Yoga. Furthermore, there is a form of Qigong that focuses on healing others. In that case, the therapist diagnoses the patient using traditional Chinese medicine and then utilizes his Chi, to heal. Qigong in every form affects the balance and the rhythm of our energy, and as a result, strengthens the functionality of both Mind and Body.

If any of the above practices seem interesting to you, we are ready to help you enter their world, so you can begin your personal journey of self-discovery.