Swedish massage

Swedish massage

60′ 50€ / 90′ 70€ / 120′ 90€

Swedish massage is fairly considered as the most popular and known massage in Europe. It has its roots in traditional Chinese massages, which the Swedish doctor Per Henrik Ling adapted to fit the western way of life. Maybe it is finally time for you to experience the relaxation and revitalization that this massage offers.

Swedish Massage consists of five basic movements or knocks:

Effleurage, which is a rapid and gentle massage that increases the temperature of the body and prepares it for the next step.

Petrissage, which is the stimulation of the muscles.

Tapotement, which is gentle knocks with the side of the hand.

Friction, which is a strong massage with all the fingers on the rigid muscles.

Vibration, which is a vibrating massage with the palms and fingers on the sore parts of the muscles.

The above five movements are applied to the whole body, from head to toes, and the results are impressive. The Swedish Massage is so popular exactly because it is so relaxing. Furthermore, it can reduce muscle soreness, improve blood circulation, combat chronic pains, stimulate the lymphatic system and expel toxins from tissues and joints.

The benefits of Swedish Massage don’t just include instant relief. With regular sessions, the immune system is boosted, the recovery time after an injury is shortened and at the same time, stress and depression is effectively reduced and mental clarity and well-being is achieved.