Massage: The best treatment for stress

The word massage is inextricably linked to physical relaxation and the relief of muscle aches. Ηowever, through the years, research have revealed that these are not the only ones. Reducing stress and relaxing the mind are key benefits of this holistic treatment.

According to Neuropsychology professor Konstanz Jens Pruessner, the secret to manage with stress is to understand the opposite, that is, relaxation. Stress can be due to both physical and mental causes. Tension and many times may have accumulated in the muscles after injury or misuse, causing discomfort and pain. Stressful people are constantly worried about money, work, family, children and more. Mental stress is often embodied and blockages are created in our bodies: sleep problems, stomach disorders, headaches.

Massage therapy works holistically in the treatment of stress and aims to reduce discomfort and improve the mood of the person. According to a research published in the New York Times, the massage technique significantly reduces the hormone that is responsible for regulating stress, ‘cortisol’, while at the same time is raising white blood cell levels by strengthening our immune system.

Besides regulating ‘cortisol’, massage lowers the levels of antidiuretic hormone (AVP), a hormone that significantly affects a person’s social behavior and increases levels of ‘oxytocin’, which is responsible for sociability and emotional bonds that the person develops.

Massage is the ‘key’ that paves the way for physical and mental health.

Massage therapy can help reduce headaches, improve sleep, make you feel more relaxed, increase your energy, reduce physical pain, properly regulate your bodily functions, and deal with feelings of sadness and depression. If you want to achieve a healthier lifestyle, the SEVENOCEANS treatment center suggests you start with a massage treatment and promises that you will be impressed by the results.