Breathing: Why is it so important to breathe mindful in massage

It may be your first time in a massage bed or your fifteenth, it doesn’t matter. It is important to learn to breathe properly during the treatment in order to support all the beneficial results of the massage. The SEVENOCEANS treatment center provides you with the information you need.

When we can control our breathing, be conscious, what happens is that we allow ourselves to accept this alternative treatment and to accept it as something good.

A focused and deep breath helps reduce pain, which is why it is so important to be able to apply it to massage therapy.

Relaxed breathing also means relaxed body, relaxed muscles, relaxed mind. This will make a session more effective.

When lying on a massage bed, focus on the space occupied by your body and its weight. Next, focus on your breathing. Inhalation and exhalation. At first, it may be a little faster but after a while, it will be natural and effortless.

Observe your breath. Is it slow? Is it fast? Does it reach the diaphragm or does it stop in the lungs or throat?

Then invite your breath to run all over your body, the sore spots, your internal organs. Imagine that support the therapist in the points he touches, that he does the work externally and you internally.

When the treatment is over, observe again. How is your breathing this time?

By staying focused on your breath, unnecessary thoughts are removed, you help the mind to relax and you also distract it from the feeling of pain. By mastering this technique, you will realize that you will gain the ability to better manage the pain stimulus.

Deep breathing helps balance the nervous system, lowers blood pressure and allows better blood flow and oxygen to your body.

Deep breathing means that the breath reaches the abdomen and let the lungs enlarge. You practice the diaphragm and thus achieve the right way of breathing.

In addition, this way of breathing almost doubles the amount of oxygen that flows to the problem muscles, which in combination with the massage movements relieves the sore spots.

So the next time you are in one of our massage sessions, do not forget the most important: Breathe!