Athletes & Massage: Enter the ‘game’ again

Being an athlete requires dedication, discipline, consistency and hard daily work. But what happens when an injury, whether minor or major, interferes with your training process?

Massage therapy can help you recover quickly and re-enter the game.

With this natural technique, research has shown that massage improves the athlete’s performance, reduces pain, prevents injuries and shortens recovery time.


Flexibility and elasticity

The most important thing in a workout is for the body to have elasticity and flexibility to achieve maximum performance. Massage therapy helps the muscles to oxygenate more effectively and increases the elasticity in the muscle groups most used in training.


Muscle pain & massage

Muscle aches do not only occur in professional athletes. If you have muscle pain this will prevent you from functioning and exercising normally.

Incorporating massage treatments into your sports routine is a combination that will help you increase your efficiency and lead to a speedy recovery.

Athletes’ general health can suffer at a rapid pace and lack of relaxation. Massage helps the body relax and improve the quality of sleep, which is so important for health and energy.


Proper blood circulation

When the circulation of blood and oxygen in the body is done properly, then breathing and movement become easier and the energy increases. The massage stimulates the cells and the soft tissues, allowing the nutrients and oxygen to move throughout the body, bringing maximum efficiency.

The purpose of massage is to train the muscles and tissues to perform as much as we want without being burdened.

Muscles are made up of cells, the muscle fibers and produce movement or force in response to a normal stimulus and their purpose is to mobilize our muscle groups.

That is, when a muscle is injured it impedes proper movement creating discomfort and pain in daily exercise and the normal functioning of the body.

Therapeutic massage aims to relax the muscles and prevent injuries and is important for athletes both before and after their training.

The massage technique used in athletes is based on the muscle groups that face the problem, the nature of the training and the needs of each athlete’s body.


At the SEVENOCEANS treatment center we want to help you in your quick and effective recovery and enter the ‘game’ again