Couples Massage


60′ 90€ / 90′ 120€ / 120′ 160€

Our Couples Massage is a wonderful personal experience that provides the ultimate relief and relaxation.

Why should you settle for another boring date, when you and your partner can enjoy the same feeling, the same experience? The Couples Massage takes place in a specially designed space by two therapists simultaneously, so you can enjoy the session side by side. All you have to do is let go, and we will lead you to a place of complete relaxation and well-being.

You can choose what type of massage you want to enjoy from the variety of therapies we offer:

  • Swedish (relaxing)
  • Thai massage
  • Oriental 
  • Deep Tissue Massage 
  • Cellulite Massage 
  • Reflexology
  • Angelic Reiki
  • Facial Treatments

The most usual and at the same time more satisfying choice is the Swedish Massage. Each couple is different though and has unique needs, so our experienced therapists can consult you and recommend a therapy that you will greatly enjoy and will meet your needs at the same time.