Charme d’Oriente

charme d'orient massage oils

Here at SEVENOCEANS we use for all our therapies exclusively Charme d’Orient oils from Paris.

These massage and moisturizing oils are made from sweet almond oil, have a light fragrance and don’t contain alcohol. Thanks to the soothing and moisturizing properties of sweet almond, these oils are ideal for body massages since they can nourish the skin even 8 hours after application. They are manufactured in exotic Morocco and are 100% plant based.

The scent of Charme d’Orient will make your senses wonder and at the same time, the high quality of their composition will have wondrous effects on your skin. That is why Charme d’Orient oils are ideal for use after a shower or bath.

At your request, we offer you the chance to order these oils for personal use, at the convenience of your own home.